Monday, August 3, 2009

Sue's Roadtrip Highlights and Lowlights...

Thirty-five days on the road is a unique opportunity to cover miles of terrain and wide, open spaces together on a bike. Yet, life can also seem confined to a very small space: the limited area of a small bag, a bike seat, and the voice in your headset. This time together has been filled with wonderful delights and a few irritations.


  • Loving the time with my husband
  • Praying together in our headsets (eyes open at all times!)
  • Reconnecting with significant people in our life
  • Meeting amazing new people and kind, interesting strangers
  • Viewing beautiful, grand vistas
  • Seeing the multitudes of crops growing across the country
  • Chatting with other bikers
  • Enjoying a stream, viewing a flower, watching a hawk
  • Experiencing the variety of color, hue and texture in creation
  • Chuckling at billboards
  • Experiencing a glorious thunderstorm
  • Hearing “I love being with you” in my headset
  • Eating a good piece of pie
  • Sweating in the 100+ desert heat in a black helmet, boots and jeans
  • Taking blurry pictures of precious scenery
  • Getting Tim to slow down so I can take a picture or see the herd of bison
  • Being on the go...not enough time to linger
  • Always being the last one to put my helmet on (Who do you think this really bothers?)
  • Ignoring antique stores and art/sculpture galleries
  • Eating a blah piece of pie
  • Stopping at another roadside bathroom (Tim drinks a LOT of liquid!)
  • Having the trip end
I cannot truly express how humble and grateful I am to have this opportunity. I adore being with Tim, and traveling on the back of a bike is thrilling. We are already dreaming of the next adventure…..